MA Student, Center for Swedenborgian Studies


Art of the Soul - Ars Animae

(Ten minute video)

Ars: nominative singular feminine third declension noun: art, technique, skill, method

Animae: genetive singular feminine first declension noun: soul, animator, wind, life force

This piece uses Swedenborg's discussion on the nature of the soul and his doctrine of degrees to create a synesthetic meditation which is designed to make the audience more aware of their own cognitive processes. The visual element draws upon the imagery of my paintings which were created from interoceptive synesthesia. The circular rotary motion was informed by the idea of the mind as a perfect and perpetual spiral in which are echoed the flowing harmonics of consciousness. 

Swedenborg's study of the soul is often framed as an attempt to find some hard anatomical structure. This piece seeks to recontextualize this research as one which moves from the purely empirical into the metaphorical, creative, and ecstatic.

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